Here’s How to Launch A Successful Supplement Business

The dietary supplement industry is worth $35.7 Billion in the US. Even with a unique angle, it can be tough to find your niche due to the highly competitive market. There are many crucial elements to consider when attempting to launch a supplement business. Product design, manufacturing, financial planning, legal processes, marketing and sales, customer support, and distribution are vital to the success of your business.  Every aspect is as important as the next, and getting these variables on the same path will be complex but not impossible. If you design a foolproof strategy and implement it well, your dream of making money from your product creation will become a reality. We’ve compiled a straightforward guide to starting your supplement company with no inventory. These steps will ensure that your supplement start-up has a solid plan and is legally acceptable.   Your target market includes anyone that would benefit from your supplements. You will want to know who they are, what their needs are and how they would benefit from your product, where they shop, and how much they’re willing to spend.

Research Your Competitors

Getting to know your competition is an essential step in planning your business model. Doing this research initially will help you create a product that stands out. Analyzing competitors is a great way to get a well-rounded idea of what works and what doesn’t as well as what may be lacking or overly saturated in the current market.

Legal Requirements

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has regulations for manufacturing and selling dietary supplement products as of 1994. In a nutshell, any new nutritional ingredient added to the market must be submitted to the FDA before being sold. It’s in your best interest to research the legalities of creating a new supplement and choose a manufacturer aware of these regulations and requirements.

Sales and Distribution

It’s crucial to provide an easy-to-order product and deliver it within a reasonably fast time frame. It’s smart to collaborate with a respectable provider that meets all manufacturing, storage and shipping requirements. Most companies will require you to purchase a minimum quantity from them in order for them to brand the product with your brand.  Then you have to warehouse and ship those products, taking up a lot of your time and money.  That is time and money you could spend on marketing and advertising so you can sell your products and make money.   If you choose to launch your business with Honeycomm, you’ll have access to in-house manufacturing facilities that offer on-demand labelling, packing and drop shipping.  This is a cost effective way to ensure your products are safe and effectively delivered every time.   After executing your business plan, it’s ultimately time to start marketing and selling your product! Make sure to choose both an advertising and selling platform that works for you, or try out a few methods to see which ones reach your intended market in the best ways.   Committing to creating a supplement business with a solid foundation will require some grit, but it also ensures your future success. In a vast market, you’ll want your product to come across as unique and trustworthy to potential customers. This will help establish a positive brand reputation that will inspire people to commit long-term. At Honeycomm, we would love to help you design and grow your supplement business from scratch. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today!

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