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Extend Male Enhancement

Category: Men's Health
Format: Tablet
Count Size: 60 Tablets

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Fulfillment Cost: $2.00
Your Total Cost: $11.16

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Improves male performance. Increases blood flow and promotes staying power.

Are you looking for a supplement formulated to improve male performance, increase blood flow and promote staying power?

Then you’re going to love learning more about our ‘Extend Male Enhancement’ supplement.

This supplement is targeted specifically toward men who are experiencing a decline in sexual performance but do not necessarily suffer from a diagnosable sexual problem. 

The reason our ‘Extend Male Enhancement’ supplement is able to stand out from its competitors, is because the proprietary blend was developed based on scientific studies that proved these ingredients are extremely effective when combined.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves male performance
  • Increases blood flow and promotes staying power

*HoneyComm is not liable for any of the statements listed above. These statements may be used for marketing, but only with the disclaimer that these statements are not approved by the FDA.

Q. How many mg of Boron is per serving? (2 tablets) 

A. It contains 0.5 mg of Boron per tablet, 1 mg per serving.

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